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West Point Village Apartments, LLC

Located at 1602 and 1604 East 10th Street, this property is 71+/- acres. Geographically just off Interstate 85 South. Zoned C3 and C5.

Yellow River Ventures, LLC

Located at 4417 and 4421 Stone Mountain Highway, this property is a total of 29+/- acres. Geographically just above Highway 78 at Jessica Daron Court, this property lies within the Lake Lucerne TAD. Zoned C2.

GA Twenty Trailer, LLC

Located at 1088 Buford Drive, this property is 6+/- acres. Geographically North of State Route 316. Zoned C4.

Greenland, LLC (Lancaster Rd)

Located at 1025 and 1064 Lancaster Road and Forrest Park Road SE, this property is 90+/- acres. Geographically just below Interstate 285 West at Forrest Park Road. Zoned X, M, and RG2C.